Expect the unexpected.  This class will keep you on your toes!  It can range from Every Minute on the Minute exercises, As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible, or engage in strength/circuit style training.  If you would like to switch it up between lifting and weight training, this class is for you!



(High Intensity Interval Training)  A class that will maximize calories in a short period of time.  It is a quick burst of cardio and strengthening exercises with brief periods of recovery.  Hard work at your own pace and motivation is what makes HIIT effective and wanting you to come back for more.  All levels are welcome to attend. The use of equipment, identification of proper form and teaching techniques, along with modifications of any exercise will be incorporated into each class.



This class incorporates intervals on and off cardio equipment in addition to the use of resistance bands, bodyweight, kettlebells and/or dumbbells.  This interval training will increase your metabolism and maximize your calorie burn!  All fitness levels are welcomed for this class.



Get an intense glute, quad, and hamstring workout.  This class uses techniques such as progressive overload and pyramid sets.  Strong legs provide a solid foundation for the rest of our bodies.



Get your cardio in with this quick HIIT style cycle class followed by an intense core workout to work on tightening and toning the midsection.



Single and compound movements mixed with conditioning exercises using the kettlebell.  A total body workout!



Barre Sculpt is a combination of Barre and Cardio exercises that is choreographed to upbeat music that will be creative and fun!  Each series of exercises (arms, legs, and abs) will sculpt and challenge your body in a whole new way!  Barre Sculpt focuses on higher reps using a variety of equipment (weight, bands, mini-balls, and gliders).  Intervals of strength, cardio, and functional training allows all individuals of all fitness levels to fully participate.  Barre Sculpt will increase muscle tone and strength, cardiovascular strength and improve balance and coordination.  it is a total body workout that will have you feeling highly motivated and looking forward to the next class!  Wearing comfortable (leggings) and grip socks are extremely helpful!




Kick and punch your way through this workout!  A great way to get your cardio in while sculpting and chiseling your muscles!


Shred and Pre-Game use a set of 6 x 6.  Six stations rotated through six times.  Battle Ropes, Agility Ladders, Sled Pushing, Steel Mace Work…you name it!  Ali keeps the stations new and exiting each week so there’s always fun in fitness!  Shred ends with five minutes of group strength work and Pre-Game finishes with football drills!



Define and strengthen your body in this awesome muscle conditioning class!  This workout utilizes free weights to focus on intense isolation exercises of all groups.  This class will help tone and condition your body, all while building endurance and lean muscle.  All fitness levels are welcome!



This class is focused on helping you get and stay h3!  This workout utilizes free weights, your body weight, resistance bands and more to challenge your muscles….especially your core.  In this class, you will boost your metabolism, increase muscle strength, promote coordination, and improve your posture and mood! All fitness levels are welcome.



This is a circuit based class utilizing both the indoors and outdoors.  We will be flipping tires, using battleropes, sledgehammers, medicine balls and more!  Get your sweat on with the sun in your face!



Great for building lean body mass and strengthening dominant muscle groups in chest, back, shoulders, traps, along with your core muscles.



An intense upper body workout using free weights and machines to create a sculpted upper half.



Have you ever wanted to learn the proper technique for deadlifting?  This class breaks down the deadlift and focuses on how to properly get into a hip hinge pattern to set you up for success with your deadlifts.  We will work not only on deadlifting, but also accessory full body work with dumbbells, bands, and kettlebells for a full body experience!



This class is limited to 8 people.  You will be utilizing the equipment in order to learn proper form and techniques to perform movements such as bench presses, deadlifts, and squats using the machines.



This lass focuses on using high reps with lighter weights to get your blood pumping and muscle shredded!  This is a small group class.